There are three (3) types of Status when you check your Commissions. You have probably seen those already, too (Green for Approved, Blue for Pending, Red for Declined).


Sales that the Advertiser has checked and are currently being processed by WOMO. The Approved sale will be part of the incoming payout schedule (as long as your total commission meets the minimum threshold).


Sales that the Advertiser has not checked yet. Pending sales are generally validated by the Advertiser the following month. For Advertisers that offer to send later (scheduled) orders, cash on deliveries, or cash on pick-ups, the Pending Status may extend longer. Advertisers need to have the products delivered and fully paid for before they can validate the sale. If a Pending sale misses the incoming payout schedule, it will be carried over to the next month.

There are rare cases when Pending sales may take longer to validate; this may be for reasons such as: checking for fraudulent activities, unconfirmed sales e.g., failed CODs, and withheld commissions.


Sales that the Advertiser has checked but declined due to one of the following reasons:

  • Canceled orders 
  • Duplicate orders (same order IDs)
  • Refunded orders
  • Fraudulent orders
  • Self-referred orders (affiliate used his/her own affiliate link)
  • Affiliate account suspended
  • Affiliate account terminated
  • Affiliate account not approved to promote the Advertiser

If you have questions about Sales Statuses or any general queries, please email us at